Stripe Services Agreement France

Within 30 days of your Stripe account being terminated, you can ask us in writing to send payment account data to another payment service provider for transactions you may receive between you and your customers. We may ask you to provide evidence that the payment service provider has appropriate systems and controls as a precondition for the availability of all payment account data. In addition, the payment service provider must be PCI-DSS-Level 1 certified with respect to payment account data for payment card transactions. Our obligation to comply with a request under this section is valid only under commercial conditions and we may delay or deny processing an application if we believe that the payment service provider you have identified does not have appropriate systems or controls in place to protect payment account details. , that the integrity of the payment account data may be compromised or that payment laws or rules prohibit us from providing payment account data. By agreeing to the terms of these conditions, you declare and guarantee: (a) you have the right to subscribe and use the services and you have the power to sign and fulfill the obligations arising from these conditions; (b) that all the information you provide us about your business, products or services is accurate and complete; (c) that any payment is a transaction for authorized products, services or donations and that all transaction information accurately describes it; (d) You will fulfill all your obligations to your clients and resolve any disputes you may have with them; e) You will comply with all laws applicable to your business and the use of the Services. (f) That your employees, subcontractors and intermediaries act continuously under these conditions; (g) you will not use payment services for personal, family or domestic purposes, for money transfers between your peers or for intra-group transactions (if not in the normal course of your business); and (h) that you do not use the services directly or indirectly for the purpose of a fraudulent or illegal business or in a way that affects the normal functioning of the services.

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