Sce Continuous Service Agreement

If you request a shutdown, this property will not be removed from your contract and you may be charged for future utility service. New applicants should call our customer information centre at 800-411-7343 to apply for service before entering into an agreement. If you need help with your contract number, please contact SDG-E at 1-800-411-7343. To create a new continuity of the online service agreement, enter your customer information, put in place basic details of the contract and add your features. When you create a chord, you can add up to 25 properties. Once your contract has been established, you can use managing the agreement to add other properties. You can add or delete a service address by signing up for your continuity contract and adding or deleting properties. With a PIN, you can allow any access you want to share account information for. You can update your PIN by logging in with your SSN/FTI. This way, you can control who has access to your agreement. You are responsible for informing us if you no longer own or manage a property mentioned in your contract.

The main account is another account that belongs to you and may be linked to your contract. The time allocated is to transfer the final unpaid invoices for the rental real estate accounts invoiced to the lessor. In this way, you can control where the funds are transferred, while ensuring that unpaid accounts are not reprehensible. If a tenant`s service is separated for non-payment on the premises with an active agreement, the requested service is not automatically transferred to the member`s name in the continuity of the service contract. To remove the properties from your contract, log in to manage your online contract. If you remove all your properties from your contract, your contract will be terminated and you will not be able to make any further changes. To access it, indicate: Yes, you can ask at any time to disable real estate services in your contract and your billing. By disabling services, the property will not be removed from your contract. Your property comes back to your name after your next client moves. If you no longer want the services to be reset in your name in the future, you must remove ownership from your contract.

Yes, participants have the option to choose a single service (gas or electricity) to stay active under the program. For all the features listed in the contract, the same service is selected. Participants who, as part of an agreement, request different services for other entities or real estate must set them up in separate agreements. The gas and/or electricity meters active for the goods included in your contract are automatically transferred to your name when a tenant stops the SDG-E service. A contract cannot have more than 450 rental properties at any given time. If you need to maintain more than 450 rentals, you must create a new agreement. Energy bills for all goods included in your contract are sent to the mailing address you have indicated with your application. We can only accept a postal address by contract. We appreciate your business. Unfortunately, you contacted us outside of our normal business hours. Please consult our convenient self-service options to help you meet your needs at this point. To revoke your contract, all properties must be removed from your contract.

Changes to your online contract take effect with the filing of your application.

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