“Unrest Among the Smart Cows” now available

I decided to put my short story, “Unrest Among the Smart Cows“, up on Amazon. I’ve had this story for a while — I started it when George Carlin died, because it’s one of his quotes that got me thinking about the themes in the story.

It wasn’t easy to put “Unrest” into epub format. I don’t do much HTML any more, and I was never an expert with it. There’s a table in the story, though, and I had to render it appealingly in HTML to make it display all right in the Kindle format. I ran it through the Kindle simulator and it seems to be okay.

In other news, my novel L.M.F., which has been available for the Kindle for a while, is free to download for the weekend. If you haven’t read it, now’s your chance. (Or you could actually pay the three bucks for it after tomorrow — that would give you a chance to read it, too…)

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