Today: 600 words

(I’ve decided to start crossposting my wordcount reports from r/wordcount.)

Another day of writing with a crappy pen. Well, an okay pen, but not the one I like. Sigh!

Anyhow, I got through a good chunk of the current chapter and I am pleased that the outlining I did paid off. Lots of nice little opportunities for humour I think. (Will anyone else find anything in this book funny? No idea. Time will tell I guess.)

I stopped today thinking that I had finished a chapter; I knew it was going to be a shorter chapter but I realized that it was really short, something like half the length of the other chapters in the book. While that’s not a problem nearer the end — I sometimes shorten the chapters to increase the impression of the pace of the book — here in the middle, right after a shorter, very intense, very important chapter, I didn’t think this was right.

Then I consulted my outline. There is a whole scene I haven’t written yet! And now, knowing that I need to write this scene, I can also add a bunch of new stuff that stems from the stuff I wrote today, to reinforce what I’ve developed in the chapter already.

I’m sure it’s all very vague-sounding since I haven’t told anyone what this book is about. I guess the summary is, not a bad day of writing today. Hopefully there will be more over the weekend.

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