A good Word tip

I’ve been learning to use Microsoft Word in earnest for about 13 years, now. While I was in school, I was pretty good at making things look consistent and so on, but didn’t really get Word. Once I started working as a tech writer, that changed. I quickly became a Word expert.

One of the problems with Word has always been how Microsoft has added “features” to make it more “understandable” and “usable”. These “features” usually render whatever functionality they affect incomprehensible and unusable. Part of the challenge of using Word–especially when a new version comes out–is turning off all the helpful features so that you can get the damn thing to work the way it’s actually supposed to.

One of the most effective and underused tools is the impressive styles functionality. I might have more to say on the topic in the future, but in the meantime, here’s an article for all you Word 2007 users that will help you to rein in the styles menu. I know I’m going to refer to this as soon as I sit down to a fresh Word 2007 installation.

Cleaning up Word’s Style pane

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