Carolyn forwarded me a rejection e-mail from an editor yesterday. The editor’s response was that while he read it and liked it, the voice wasn’t right for him — too light. He wanted something darker, maybe disillusioned.

Of course, my first response was to worry. Is it too light? Should I be looking for ways to make it more of a noir book? Carolyn didn’t suggest it, but should I?

But that was just a reaction. I’m not going to worry about it unless this is the reaction I get from multiple editors. And I trust Carolyn will figure out when that time comes.

And there’s the opposite argument, too. There could be an editor out there who likes the thriller/crime type of novel, but wishes they weren’t all so bloody and dark. And that editor might love this book.

So I’m going to stay the course, and try not to think about it. Carolyn will be at BEA next week and will be seeing many, many editors there. I will sit tight and cross fingers, slaughter doves and calves, the usual stuff.

But I will admit to one bright light from this editor: he liked the book, and considered it. That he said no is one thing. That he didn’t just dismiss it as not good enough is another thing entirely. I might not be playing in the big league yet, but I might be drafted in an upcoming round! That’s a really, really good feeling.

In the meantime, back to writing.

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