How I Landed an Agent (part 2)

A few minutes after one, Carolyn came in. Her panel had gone long and she had had to run around gathering her things for the afternoon and just didn’t have enough time. Not her fault, but it always seems to happen to me at these things!

Ah well. First, she said, she really liked the book. Whee! So.

She had read the first six chapters in her room the night before. And she had ended in a scene where the gangster bringing the main character into the mafia world appears — suspense! — to have been shot. (SPOILER ALERT: he wasn’t.) And Carolyn realized she was very disappointed that the character was gone. And that led her to realize that she was far more interested in him (the gangster) than the main character.

“So I have a suggestion,” she said. “And you don’t have to do it. How would you like to re-write a couple of chapters in first person, and then I can take another look at them at that point?”

Erm, yes, I believe that such an event could come to pass. Such a thing could be arranged. One could see how — “Yes,” I said. “I can do that.”

Then Carolyn started talking about series potential. She saw the book as one that I could develop into a thriller series; did I think that was possible?

She liked my book! Anything’s possible. “Sure,” I said, nonchalantly you know, as if I talked about series potential with agents all the time. I pointed out that because of the shady and relatively unknown past of the main character, all kinds of possibilities existed — long-lost relatives, his own family’s connections.Not a problem.

At this point, one of the conference people began hovering around the edge of the table, suggesting, I imagine, that we had had our twenty minutes, even though we had had only about ten.

Carolyn told me to e-mail the rewritten chapters to her when they were done, and I said I would get them to her in a few weeks. And that was it.

I called my wife and my parents to tell them the good news, and that was that.

Coming up in part 3: the rest of the conference, and the rewrite.

  1. When did you sign a contract with her?

  2. That happens in part 3, maybe part 4… do you really want me to spoil the suspense?

  3. When did you sign a contract with her?

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