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Sure, you say, this Matt Bin guy sounds like the goods, and just the stuff to feed the troops. But what of it if he can’t construct a simple sentence? What of it if he’s all talk?

Well, now is your chance to decide for yourself whether this is the case. The following are samples of fiction by Matthew Bin for your perusal. Comments are encouraged.

  • At the Barricade — a short story inspired by a song by the Canadian group Stars — although it is not much like the song, as it turned out. It was first published by the Windsor Review in their Fall 2012 issue.
  • Diane Burger — a short story about a young man who stops for coffee during a cross-country journey to escape his failed relationship, and finds that he’s bringing with him more than he thought.
  • L.M.F. — the first chapter from my novel, L.M.F., now available on Kindle, Smashwords, and Kobo.
  • On Guard for Thee: Canadian Peacekeeping Missions — the introduction from my oral history of Canadian peacekeeping in the modern era. Available from Amazon and Indigo, among others.
  • Tempo Rubato — a short story abut music, war, and loss. Published by The Dalhousie Review in Fall, 2016. Also available as an audio file!
  • Drone, Sweet Drone — a science fiction short story about the tools we use. Published in Polar Borealis in the spring of 2019.



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