Workfront Service Level Agreement

The user is the owner and responsible for entering data into the Workfront app. These conditions do not give a user ownership of all elements of the application. Users should not manipulate, delete, modify or, in any case, render the elements of the services provided by Workfront opaque. This includes pages, brand, app features/functions, etc. Workfront integrates its products reliably – using some of the powerful out-of-the-box features that are made possible by cloud service providers used by Workfront – to provide robust service level agreements for customers. Our ALS guarantees 99.9% operating time with fast reaction times. Features vary depending on the plan chosen and may include online support, community portal, online help and documentation, service level agreements, telephone support, sandbox and a dedicated support technician. Workfront is designed for people in the marketing, IT and service teams and offers an additional option that works well for other customers. Workfront is the processor of your personal data and is responsible for processing that data, unless a contractual agreement between the two parties expressly indicates something else. This privacy policy does not apply to the extent that we offer our customers different cloud products and services through which our customers create their own websites and applications, operate on our platforms, sell or offer their own products and services, send electronic communications to others or collect and analyze individuals` personal data.

Workfront is fully committed to the security and protection of customer data. Workfront will continue to invest in our data protection and security programs as the privacy policy landscape changes and expands. Service and our business may change from time to time. As a result, workfront may sometimes need to make changes to this privacy policy. We reserve the right to update or change this privacy policy at any time and from time to time without notice. Please read this message regularly, especially before providing personal data.

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