Rad Agreement

To produce more copies of the software than is stated in this contract or which does not allow it under existing legislation, despite this restriction; 1. Licensing. The licensee grants you an unlimited, non-exclusive, non-sub-conceded, non-transferable right to use the Software, subject to the terms of this Agreement. You may not rent, lease, lend or distribute any of the rights to this Contract or Software in any way without the licensee`s prior written permission or transfer them to third parties. All rights that are not expressly granted to you are retained by the licensee and/or its suppliers. You cannot copy the software, except for one (1) copy only for backup or archiving purposes, and only if it is necessary for the use of the Software. All these copies are the proprietary information of the licensee and its licensees and suppliers and are subject to their copyright and agreement. Each copy must reproduce all copyrights and other mentions of ownership on or in the software. There are three types of licenses granted by the licensee: 2.2.9 Third-party libraries. The product, including redistributables, can be used to download additional components and libraries from a third party, whether it is a proprietary (or binary) source code or an open source (or binary) code.

The licensee is neither the publisher nor the copyright holder of an additional library or third-party component downloaded by the licensee using the product. Therefore, the licensee does not accept the guarantees of these libraries and components that comply with U.S. law or current export rules. Each third-party library is subject to a licensing agreement. The licensee expressly disclaims any liability and obligation regarding third-party libraries or components that have been downloaded by the licensee using the product. 10. Ownership of the software. The licensee and/or its licensees and suppliers retain exclusive and exclusive ownership of all rights, titles and interests of the software and that software. All rights that are not expressly granted in this case are reserved for the licensee and/or its suppliers. This contract does not entrust you with ownership, property rights, intellectual property rights to the software, updates or derivative works, copyrights, patent rights or trademarks incorporated or used, with the exception of the rights expressly granted by this Agreement.

You cannot and do not agree not to modify, modify, decompile, reproduce, reproduce, copy, sell, resell or value the software or part of this software. Some licensees and licensee providers are designated as third-party beneficiaries of this license and are entitled to apply it directly against you on their own behalf. 6.5 SERVICES; UPDATES; PRODUCT CHANGES. Under this agreement, the licensee is not required to provide facilities, training or other services to the licensee. These services must be purchased separately if they are available.

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