Nsw Police Force Enterprise Agreement

Our case will be submitted to the IRC separately. The association`s priority has always been to place the IRC in the strongest case in order to obtain a price that includes better pay and conditions for police officers. Please note that one case is ahead of the IRC, there is a stop in all union actions. Historically, the Commission will simply refuse to hear about staff when trade union action is taken or threatened. As members know, the current three-year bonus contract, which employs you and determines your payment and terms, expires on June 30. One of the most important dates is the end: part of our position is that Parliament`s clear will is that there should be no wage freeze and that, as a police force, you deserve a fair and fair increase in wages. Over the past 12 months, the NSW police have been asked to do so much and have been forced to plead for a fair course. To say, at this point, that the counter-payment will be opposite, is simply a kick in the stomach. The role of the police in emergencies, from bushfires to floods to Covid-19 – has attracted terms such as “Triple Zero Heroes”, but in the absence of state action, the situation remains a “zero proposal”: it is important for all members – especially those who did not participate in the NSWPF during a round of prizes – to understand that the association must always fight hard to obtain conditions obtained in previous rounds.

The conditions that we guarantee in negotiations outside the Labour Relations Board that would ensure the status quo in an agreement, – maintaining the current level of contributions, benefits and rights under the death and disability system and related insurance policies – maintaining the current exemptions for police officers and former police officers with respect to allowances and related rights and conditions of the 67% of grants granted to First State Super Default Basic-FS insurance premiums – Continuation of the reimbursement of the additional costs , resulting from the violation of the ceiling of contributions granted overannuation due to the blue ribbon insurance police agreements (PBRI) We thank each member who gave testimony showing the work of the police to support a salary increase, these were proven yesterday without any objection. Given the ever-increasing police requirements, nsw police officers are frustrated by unacceptable delays in the resolution of their next industrial price. Police work requires high protection of jobs and depends on fair wages and fair conditions. For our part, we will give maximum weight to the evidence that is most important, namely the sworn assurances that support the circumstances of the police, and the imperative justification for a pay increase, especially if we reflect on all the extraordinary work that the police are currently doing throughout the state of NSW.

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