Daily Archives: February 24, 2012

The Poetrain

Now this is the kind of thing that I’d love to see more of. There’s a great poetry festival every year in northern Ontario, specifically in the town of Cobalt, the Spring Pulse Poetry Festival. And this year, they’ve got a unique way of getting there for those from more southern parts of the province.

We’re leasing an Ontario Northland Railway car and need 20 paid passengers. They are giving a 20% discount on return fare which is normally around $228. Per person return would be around $184. We’re getting sponsors to help subsidize trip for those who are financially challenged. Have negotiated a group room rate at local hotel for $75 per double room with breakfast.

On Thursday May 10 the train will leave union station for Cobalt. The trip takes around 8 hours. The festival is going to start on the train itself with book launches, writing workshops, readings, music, art lectures, etc… A professional photographer will be on board and we’re also going to film it for a documentary. Then we will continue with the festival throughout the weekend and train will return to Toronto on Sunday May 13.

We have several members from the league of poets and the Ontario Poetry Society signed up. I have interest from two other musicians to play and certainly would love you to join this very unique adventure. Right now collecting a pre-registration list and do hope you are keen to be part of this collective creative train tour.

I’m really sorry that I’m going to be away that weekend, because it’s this kind of innovative, creative, and fun stuff that really gives me hope for the Canadian literary scene! I’m not much of a poet but I would love to take part in this.

If you’re interested, check out the Poetrain or e-mail David Brydges for more information.