Show me the &c.

Ask any published writer in Canada: today was a good week. This is the week the cheques come out from Access Copyright. Me, I got over two hundred and fifty big ones.

(By “big ones” I mean, of course, dollars. Every dollar earned through writing is a big one. And “over” I mean in the most precise possible sense: my cheque was for $250.01.)

Where does this money come from? There’s money set aside by the federal government for this purpose, and places like schools and universities pay into it as well. The idea is that since the public (in the form of library patrons and students and such) benefits widely from these published materials, a small amount is paid into a pool of money and, based on each writer’s publications, a form of royalties is paid to the writer. Everyone wins: the public gets nearly-free access to the books and articles and the writers receive a small stipend.

Access Copyright is a great organization, by the way,and if you’re a writer in Canada who jas published works or hopes to do so in the future, it would be worth your while to check them out. You could one day be a two-hundred-and-fiftyaire, just like me.

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