I did it. The next book in the Famiglia series, currently titled On the Heat, is now complete.

Well, the first draft is complete. There’s still a ton of work to do before I’ll even give it to anyone else to read — at the very least, it needs to be typed up. But there it is, in real live ink. 523 pages of first draft.

Feels pretty good.

I was pretty disappointed on Friday when I knew I would have no way to finish the book. But that’s all gone now. And one of the reasons is what I started to talk about, or tried to start to talk about, in my last post. It’s not just about making or missing goals; it’s about setting goals in the first place.

I’m lucky to have some people in my life who help me do that. My wife is the one who first said I could and should write a novel, and the one who tells me to keep writing. She’s one of the best reasons I have to pick up the pen at all.

And I have a friend — who’s also a writing coach as it happens — who’s constantly pushing me to set goals and make them. Seriously, if you’re feeling under-energized and don’t know how to get moving on your next project, consider using her services. It’s amazing what some well-placed advice and encouragement can do.

Anyhow, it’s a big milestone, but it’s only one in a series of milestones. There’s lots of work to do on this book, and in the meantime I have more books to write. And already I’m itching to buy the next notebook and starting to fill that one too.

But for tonight… things are all right.

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