How I Landed an Agent (part 5)

It took about two months.

I got an e-mail from Carolyn’s assistant sometime in April, saying that Carolyn was still looking at the manuscript but would get back to me about it soon. She was going away for the next week and would contact me when she got back.

I was pretty sure at this point that it was in the bag. If not, why wouldn’t she just say no? But I was also pretty sure that, if she was taking this long, it must be positive — sure, she’d probably have things she’d want me to change,

It took another long, tense week or two before she finally e-mailed me with the verdict.

First, she thought the second half of the book really “galloped along” — which was great to hear! I was happy with how I’d worked the pace of the second half, and thought it was pretty good myself.

Second, she enjoyed the experience of “reading what seemed to be a ‘book’ rather than a ms with potential.” HUGE praise — I think the highest compliment I’ve received for my writing.

And finally, if I was “willing to take a chance,” she would send me an agency agreement.

Er, yes, I do believe I will take that chance!

From thereon things went just fine. I’ve started (and nearly finished) the sequel, and Carolyn has started to try to sell this little series I’ve got going. Everyone seems to be happy with the whole arrangement — and of course we’ll all be happier when the book, or the series, gets sold.

I’ll follow up soon with a bit on what I think this whole experience has taught me.

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